Month: October 2018

I Practice What I Preach

The world is more in tune with my mission and likeminded people abound; but it takes a village and we need to grow our presence. Sustainability gets a lot of press and coverage on Facebook thanks to kindred souls that care as much as I do. Where do you stand? Please join me in doing whatever is possible in your limited life to take care of our planet. The consequences will be dire. Think of the ozone layer, changes in sea level and the arctic cap. Life is sacred and we can prolong the species by taking care. Even little things matter like how much energy you use at home. As for me, I practice what I preach. This means using an energy-efficient tankless water heater instead of an energy-guzzling tank model—you know those old monstrosities that take up a huge space and add layers to your electric or gas bill. I know your apartment came with one and it is a pain.

It is easy for anyone to change appliances. They are worth the cost since they save money long term. It is such a simple change to make in your life that will affect millions of others. Plus, there are other habits you can break. You can forego heating and air conditioning when the temperature is mild and avoid watering your lawn every day, not to mention your car. Believe me, it doesn’t need it. You can also recycle paper, metal, and plastic. Encourage neighbors to do the same and share trash bins for easy sorting. You can buy used appliances, clothing, cars, and the like with the same principle in mind.